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HumanKind® Creativity

We are a creative solutions company specialising in  behaviour transformation framework, which we call - the HumanKind® Communications. It's a new look at marketing in which people comes first, front and center. It's about creating acts, not ads. Essentially, HumanKind communications demonstrates how creativity can transform behaviour.

OHI Leo Burnett, Oman

We are Oman’s leading communications agency. We yearn to be the most sought-after team to work with, delivering results, building brands, inspiring positive change, and winning hearts. We have evolved continuously and believe we will continue to set the pace for the industry. We bring the best of local knowledge and cultural understanding with a strong Omani team and experience of a diverse international talent.

Our journey

We have a proud history of growing with marquee brands who have partnered with us. We evolved as a startup agency in the late 70s embracing Oman’s growing aspirations, and we have ever since been preferred partners for some of the most respected brands in the country. The OHI credo - power of partnerships runs deep in our veins.

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