24th Apr 2014

The Agency

Introducing OHI Leo Burnett

OHI Leo Burnett is a full-service communications agency operating in Oman since 1976. Probably the oldest, and arguably at the top of its game. Our portfolio of services includes Branding, Advertising, Radio, PR and Digital at the core. Peripherally, we can do what it takes to deliver a powerful message across any media.


We have a planning team across all these disciplines; a creative team engaged in creating ideas that work across all relevant media; an account management team that drives operations, a studio team that supports execution, and a production team that ensures delivery.


We have one desired outcome: To make brands popular.

Few of our Services include:

Advertising, Brand building, Communications, Branding, Creative Services, Printing services, Designing service, Logo design, Brochure designing, Annual Report designing, Book designing, PR agencies, IPO Marketing, IPO Advertising, Financial Services Marketing, Events marketing, PR agency, Advertising consultants, Digital designing, Website designing